I haven’t really thought about you in many years now
Then suddenly, you popped up in my mind somehow
I wonder what you do with your life these days
I hope your luck turned around and gave you peace and grace
You see, when your face showed up as I closed my eyes
The feelings that I got, made me realize
When it comes to you I’m filled with regret
And I’m sorry that I never told you that the last time we met
I’m sorry
I’m sorry that I didn’t like you and I showed it like an open book
I’m sorry for all I said behind your back and for giving you that look
I’m sorry that I judged you and never gave you a chance
Assuming I was so much better, I’m sorry I was an ass
I’m sorry for thinking that you were fallen and brought everyone down
Instead of searching my own soul and the faults in myself
You probably don’t care, you never liked me back
But that doesn’t make it ok, cause I used the “I’m a Christian” hack
I though I had my life in order I knew about the Savior
I believed in God, followed all the rules, showed a good behavior
I went around preaching about what was wrong and what was right
But I can tell you honestly now, I didn’t have that insight
How could I know I’d never opened up my bible
Cause if I ever did it would’ve been my own revival
In Matthew 7 “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye” is to be read
If I could've been just a little bit smarter then, I would’ve done as it said
If I had cared enough to get to know the one that gave us grace
I would have understand that he came for the broken and repented in a haze
To see that he came for a sinner like you, for a sinner like all, for a sinner like me too
Cause that is what I am, I'm a sinner too
I would’ve been so grateful for the mercy that he showed me
That I would’ve with love told you how you aswell could be set free
I would’ve loved and lived for you and for others
Not because I’m better, but because he first loved us
He gave me so many oppertunities to tell you that in him you can find rest
But I stood at the sideline with my arms around my chest
Thinking you were the bad one and I was miss perfect
All since then I been struggling to hide this defect
I’m sorry.
I’m sorry.
I really am.
I’m no better than you I’m just a sinner like everyone else
Had I known better then, I would have told you this face to face
You are amazing; hold on, this is not just a bad cliché
God has a plan for you and you beating yourself up is not the way
All those destructive things that the world has to offer
Back away from them not because it’s wrong, but because you are better
You are better than those thoughts telling you that you can’t
That you’re no good and that no one cares
You’re so much more worth than the world will ever tell you
So please don’t buy in to the lies, that fear is all life gave you
I’m just a stranger that you once knew
But I’m telling you Jesus love will make you brand new
And I know that you’ve tried the Christian life before
But truly knowing Jesus brings life so much more
I wish I could just pour out all the love that Christ has for you
I promise it would never stop, I pray for you to see that too
The enemy beats down the most promised ones
And you’ve been beaten down way too many times
So I wish that you would rise up, rise up above
And listen to that call, that call from our glorious Father saying child come home
And maybe you’ve already done that, how would I know
Just know that I’m sorry
I’m sorry for it all

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