All I know, nothing I thought

Time that passed, it fooled my heart

Doubting soul, shadows the sun
Twinkling stars don't move around
The moon kept my wish
When darkness closed my eyes

Found you in the sunrise
But the night was ice cold dark
Didn't see it in the moonlight
Fear that made me run
Lost my self by dawn
Guess I shot a shooting star
So let me paint the sky
As you turn the light back on
A haunted star brings a wish with its downfall

Saw it, never looked
If we are honest, don't even know
Where it would have landed
If the moon made me stay
Black holes where stars are missi ng
At least we're on the ground

All I know is all I feel
It's all I am right know
You might not see
But all those tears
Will light up the night
So we don't fall next time